4 Ways to Spot Hustle

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If you have a dream that keeps eluding you and your not willing to hustle to get it done, I don’t feel sorry for you. And you shouldn’t either. 

As the producer of a live stage show, I get to work with a ton of 20-somethings. Most of the people we work with are amazingly creative and nearly all of them have some sense that they have a special contribution to make to the world. But only a few of them have the one thing that’s usually the difference between average and extraordinary…hustle. 

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines hustle to act quickly and with energy. In the past, hustle has had some negative connotations but today hustle basically means to do what it takes to get it done. So many people want to make a difference but few people are willing to live differently.

We live in a day where the desire for comfort and ease and self-gratification is at an all time high. Unfortunately, laziness is also at an all time high. Too often, we want to “have it all” but aren’t willing to pay the price. If you are willing to hustle, you can achieve what few others will. If you want your organization to succeed, you’ll want to hire people with hustle. Here’s a quick list to help you…

Four Ways to Spot Hustle

1. They make time — Our calendars don’t lie. We make time for the things that really matter. A good rule to live by is to schedule first what matters most. A person with hustle will create time in the early mornings and late at night.We all have the same 24hrs. A person with hustle will squeeze more out of theirs. 

2. They don’t make excuses — There’s always a good reason why we don’t get things done. There are emergencies, family events, health issues, finances, etc. The person with hustle deals with the same stuff but instead of making excuses, they make a way and leverage their disadvantages into opportunities. 

3. They have laser focus — You can spot hustle because of the laser beams coming from the person’s eyes. Things like Candy Crush, Facebook, and binge-watching TV are simply not options. They live with a massive sense of purpose and vision and they keep their eye on the ball. 

4. They iterate — Even people with hustle will run into obstacles. In fact, they will run into more because they are doing more. But they don’t get discouraged and give up. Instead, they iterate and find a way out, around, over or through. They are quick on their feet and constantly make adjustments to stay on track. 

What else? What other attributes do you seen in people who hustle?

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  • https://inmylifelesson.wordpress.com/ Delilah Fu

    John, this has truly convicted me in the best ways, as well as given proof to what I am starting in my life. I would always use the word hustle in the way you have described it. A person with hustle doesn’t settle for a closed door, they move on to the next door. They embrace the lessons they learn and the falls they have taken by brushing off their knees, standing up, then moving forward. -Always Delilah

  • John Bolin

    Yes! Delilah, thanks so much for your honesty. Glad that this encouraged you in your own new path. I love the visual of not settling for a closed door but looking for another one. Or making one!

    • https://inmylifelesson.wordpress.com/ Delilah Fu

      Yes, I was thinking that as well :)