5 Reasons We Love Hobbits

This weekend, I saw the trailer for the new Hobbit movie, The Battle of the Five Armies, and I can’t wait. Why is it that certain movies stick with us long after the film is over? Here are a few reasons.

1. The experience brings us together

There’s something about sitting in a theater knowing that millions of other people are having the same experience that brings us together as a people. No, maybe we don’t agree on politics, religion or whatever. But we all love a well-told story…and that’s something.

2. We imagine ourselves as the main character

OK, so maybe you don’t imagine yourself as a 3 foot tall hobbit. Or maybe, like my daughter, you do. Most of us don’t go to movies and consciously put ourselves in the place of the characters, but we almost certainly do it subconsciously. We resonate with movies like this because we think to ourselves, “if he can do it, maybe I can, too.”

3. We love to see good triumph over evil

In a world with so much injustice, we all love it when the good guys win and the bad guys are put in their place. In the Lord of the Rings series, the good guys are good and the bad guys are bad. Maybe its not as interesting as an anti-hero plot, but it sure is satisfying.

4. Its a picture of the “bigger” story of our lives

Movies like LOTR, Star Wars and the Avengers create a world that in so many ways, reflects our own. I think that part of the reason that these movies stir our soul at the deepest level is that they are a picture of human experience and even of the larger story of God. A story that includes creation, fall, redemption and restoration. Look for those themes in all these epic movies.

5. These movies are just plain fun

We all love to escape from time to time. Movies let us escape and live in another world for an hour and a half (or longer). And there are few movie franchises that deliver the fun, thrills and eye candy as well as Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.

So, why do you go to the movies? What movies have most stuck with you and which ones are you most anticipating?