About John Bolin

Some of my friends know me as the guy that produces The Thorn. Others know me as their former youth pastor or creative consultant. Still others as the guy who loves to fly fish and write adventure novels. However you know me, I’m thrilled to have you here and hope that I can be an encourager to you as you pursue life.


A Little More About Me
My wife Sarah and I have been married for 22 years and we have 5 amazing kids — Harrison (yes, named for the one and only Indiana Jones), Chandler, Katherine, Alison and Tate. I’ve also got a dog named Trooper and a cat that I won’t claim but that sleeps on my bed. I love fly fishing, writing and adventure travel and I’m crazy about my family.

My Entrepreneurial World
My entire life, I’ve been something of a starter. Since graduating from college, I started several companies including an outdoor products direct mail company called EXQ, a retail store called Kalahari Outdoors, and a leadership development company called Inspire. After that, I started a live stage company called Thorn Productions and a feature film company called Bridgehouse Pictures.

About Thorn Productions
I’m probably best known for my work with something called The Thorn. Each year, Thorn Productions tours the country with a cast of over 200 Cirque-style performers, retelling the Story of God in a multi-dimensional live event called The Thorn (www.thethorn.net). The show features acting, live music, dance, aerial acrobatics, pyrotechnics, special effects and a lot more. Recently, we’ve been asked by several significant advocacy organizations to create all new shows for them. More on that soon…

John Speaking
I’m an avid writer and speaker and have presented keynote presentations for conferences and events, for crowds from 500-10,000. While on stage, I’m best known for my expertise in creativity, branding and harnessing the power of story to shape organizations and people. Click here to find out how to book John at your next event.