Stop Waiting to be Picked


If you’re old enough, you probably remember the way they picked teams in the old days. It was a highly refined process where gym teachers anointed team leaders who alternately selected who they wanted on their team until there were inevitably only two kids left. At that point, one leader would usually say, “we’ll take Alex…he’s funny” and the other guy would say, “well…I guess we get John.”

Yes, this actually happened, on numerous occasions, but don’t feel too bad for me. I’ve already worked through regression therapy and I’m good now. No, I didn’t really go through any therapy but I’m OK. Really, I am. Anyway, this article isn’t about dealing with your lingering childhood insecurities. It’s about getting picked. And though the “team leaders” have changed, the story is really still the same.

We dream of becoming an author, but we wait for the publishing company or literary agent to pick us. We feel like there’s music in us but we wait for a record label to somehow discover us and pick us. We want to break away from the rat race and work for ourselves, but we are somehow waiting for someone to offer us the magic beans that will change everything.

Stop waiting to be picked. I have news for you — the old school way of picking is over. At least it can be. The stories of people who picked themselves are everywhere. Artists can create a design and see it on mugs and t-shirts and bumper stickers by using Musicians can record their own music video and put it on YouTube or release an album on ITunes. An author can write a book and send it to the world in a click on Amazon and an entrepreneur in Indiana can create a website today on WordPress and sell stuff to people in India tomorrow.

So, what are you waiting for? Whatever you do, don’t wait on the bully to decide that you’re smart enough, talented enough, brave enough or determined enough. You are. Remember, God already picked you long before you were born. So go ahead and pick yourself and get started today!